What To and Not To Bring 

Things to bring on your next trip.

Please note you may bring many things that will make your trip more fun and enjoyable some of them are sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, cameras (water proof is advised), favorite reel and rod (reel and rods we will provide if you choose not to use yours).

If it is a full day trip you will need to bring food and drinks for the day please make sure it will fit in a 50 Qt. cooler no larger! We will transfer over in to our boat coolers to insure we have the most open space of the boat to use fishing.

Things that are not allowed on our boats.

1. No Cell Phones!!(leave it at the dock)

2. Yes for real, No Cell Phones!! (leave it at the dock)

3.No Black sole shoes (marks up the boat)

4. No Glass bottles (plastic or metal)

5. No GPS’s of any type! (We have spent many hours and used many gallons of gas finding the best places to fish in our area. Please just dont bring it!)

6. No spray on sun screen 

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